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Superior, adaptive and diagnostic educational platform that delivers personally curated online Maths and Science lessons

Online Maths and Physical Sciences education

Personalised online Maths and Physical Science lessons

Learn2 is the number 1 online learning platform that provides student’s with personalised lessons and assessments in Maths and Physical science. We have developed a unique AI that identifies each student’s gaps in maths and physical science, which then delivers tailored Maths and Physical Science lessons to students. 

Continuous Assessment

The unique AI recognises exactly which topics the student is struggling with. The platform will then automatically recommend tests that aim to strengthen their understanding of the specific topic

Real-time reporting

Stay up to date with each students progress. Easy-to-use dashboards provide rich insights into how student’s are performing across Maths and Physical Science topics

Identify gaps in knowledge

By quickly identifying student’s gaps in knowledge we can start to provide them with relevant and effective Maths and Physical Science lessons and tests

Online learning anytime, anywhere

Learn2 reduces barriers to education and provides accessible learning to everyone. Using Learn2 is convenient for students to learn Maths and Physical Science in their own time and on the go

Improved student support

Teachers or tutors can use Learn2 to give more personal attention to student’s that may be falling behind. Use smart assessments to identify where the gaps are and create online Maths or Physical science tests on any  topic in minutes

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Identify Gaps

Quickly Identify gaps or areas of weakness in maths and science

Personalised Lessons

Each student will have personalised lessons and tests for math’s and science

Granular Reporting

Step-by-step feedback to ensure continuous growth and learning

Powerful Diagnostics

Powerful diagnostics continuously adapt content to each students knowledge

Tangible Results

Reflective learning & continuous assessments proven to improve marks

Learn, teach and encourage Maths and Science

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