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Discover Smart Ways to Learn Math and Improve Your Marks

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Video Lessons

Bite-sized Math video lessons on every concept to improve retention

Practice Tests

Create custom Math tests and exams in seconds

Personalised Diagnostics

AI-powered diagnostics to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations

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The New Way to Upskill Maths

Designed to transform the way you learn and excel in math – our powerful application is completely free and available for any student in grades 1-12 across South Africa. With our app, you’ll have access to personalized video lessons on every math concept, a create-a-test function to gauge your understanding and powerful AI diagnostics to identify areas of improvement.


Our app is more than just a learning tool – it’s a game changer. Say goodbye to boring textbooks and hello to an interactive, engaging way to learn math. Join the thousands of students who have already improved their math skills with our app and take control of your academic success today!

How it Works


Learn any maths topic or skill on the Learn2 application – study anywhere, at your own pace with video or written lessons

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Assess & improve skills with thousands of questions covering the entire CAPS & IEB syllabus

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AI diagnostics assess what students understand and identifies gaps in knowledge

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Learn Maths

Improve students Math marks & understanding with Learn2’s comprehensive lesson library covering everything from Grade 1 – Grade 12 Mathematics 

Learn2 homepage images personalized learning
Learn2 homeage images personalized learning

Adaptive Practice

Diagnostic questioning assesses what children already know and understand, and identifies the specific nature of any gaps. The app provides personalised lessons and tests targeted at your weakest areas

Continuous Assesment

Learn2 generates individual practice assessments and lessons automatically based on each students performance

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