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Helping students improve their Maths & Physical Science marks

Learn2 provides a next-generation AI-driven Maths and Physical Science learning application that gives each student personalised diagnostics and we have created the most comprehensive online Maths video lessons.

The application and video lessons covers the CAPS and IEB curriculum for Maths, Grades 1-12, and Physical Science, Grades 10-12

Maths and Physical Science application​

AI-Driven learning application to enhance the learning experience by delivering personalised and result-driven Maths and Physical Science lessons

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    Identify Gaps

    By quickly identifying student’s gaps in knowledge we can start to provide them with relevant and effective Maths and Physical Science lessons and tests. Student's can spend more time focusing on what they don't know, rather than repeating the same mistakes.

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    Personalised lessons

    By identifying gaps, the application will target each student with personalised and targeted lessons. No two student's are the same and that is why our algorithm tailors each students journey based on their level of knowledge. 

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    Powerful diagnostics

    Our platform provides powerful diagnostic insights that track progress and level of understanding by topic and sub-topic. These insights can be used to remediate weak areas using recommended lessons and tests

Maths video lessons

Learn from the most comprehensive online Maths lessons. We have broken down every Maths topic into byte-sized lessons with such granularity that any student can learn and understand.
By breaking down each lesson into chunks, no concepts are overlooked and any student is able to fully grasp the lesson, leading to true deep learning.

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Grade 12 Maths revision

The most informative Grade 12 Maths revision. Grade 12 Maths students can register for the Learn2 maths revision program in 2022. This will be the country’s first live lesson of its kind. Students can look forward to learning from one of the most outstanding educators in South African history with over 32 years of experience.  You can learn more about our Grade 12 Maths revision program by visiting our information page

Maths past paper tutorials

Using our past paper tutorials students can prepare themselves for any exam type question. Our past paper tutorials cover CAPS & IEB Maths exams paper 1 and paper 2.

These tutorials guide students through each past paper, explaining the type of question and the best way to answer past paper questions. Learn by practice. We have developed Maths past paper tutorials that guide students on how to prepare for exams by learning how to answer past papers. Our maths past paper tutorials can double up as practice for maths exams and teach students new skills while engaging in practical work

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Why trust Learn2

Personalised learning

No two student's are the same, which is why Learn2 personalises each lesson and test to the students level of knowledge. Tailored learning ensures no student is left behind

Educational Experience

Learn2 has been designed and developed by leading industry experts with over 30 years of experience. Designed by professionals with the student in mind

Free learning

Learn2 wants to change the way students learn and improve their level of understanding. Our application, video lessons and tutorials are free for students to take advantage of

Tangible results

Learn2 is more than application, it is a process of continuous learning and knowledge assessment. By constantly monitoring performance, we can target students with relevant lessons and videos that will fundamentally improve their knowledge and overall marks

What we can help you with

Personalised learning

Learn2 tailors each students learning experience. This allows each student to learn at their own pace and level of knowledge


Easy-to-use dashboards provide real-time reporting that highlights key focus areas that students struggle with

Video lessons

We have created the most comprehensive online video maths lessons. Using such granularity provides students with easy to understand lessons that cover every aspect of a maths topic

Improved marks

By identifying a student’s weakest area, Learn2 can target them with relevant lessons and tests. Isolating and remediating this will lead to higher levels of understanding and improved marks

24/7 availability

Learn2 is available around the clock. Student’s can practice and learn when they want and how they want. They no longer need to wait for limited extra lessons or teachers. Students are now empowered to learn on their schedule

CAPS and IEB aligned

Learn2 is 100% aligned to the full CAPS and IEB syllabus to ensure students around the country can benefit from our online lessons and application. 

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