Learn2 Education

Revolutionise the way your students learn and teachers teach

Build confidence, close knowledge gaps and track every step

Teaching made easy

Teach smarter and faster

Teachers spend less time creating and marking assignments freeing up more time to focus on teaching and supporting

Flexible online learning

Students can access the app anytime, anywhere making it fit for any schedule. Download the app on any device or use the web-browser to gain full access

Assessments on demand

Set tests and assignments from over 10,000 Maths and Physical Science questions using simple drop-down menus

Actionable insights

Real-time dashboards keep track of each student’s performance. The benefits you get are unmeasurable: Identify who is struggling and where; and remediate with personalised assessments

Reflective learning

Close gaps in knowledge

Recognise and assess each learner’s foundational knowledge and fill the gaps with targeted lessons and assessments by identifying which concepts students don’t understand and targeting these knowledge gaps

Build confidence

Build confidence in students through learner-centric interactive Math and Physical Science lessons

Adaptive learning

Continuous assessments adjust to provide personalised learning paths for every student and generates new questions each time ensuring constant deep learning

Accessible learning

Never miss a lesson

Students can always go back and view lessons they may have missed or not understood

Stay in control

Real-time dashboards break down student information into easy-to-read diagnostic reports and tracks all student data from day one 

Curriculum aligned

Maths and Physical Science lessons are up-to-date and aligned with the entire CAPS and IEB curriculum from grade 1 through to grade 12

Unlimited access

Reporting and feedback

Unlimited students

Easy to use

Personalised diagnostics

Automated marking

All grades acccess

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