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Grade 11 Mathematics Overview

Grade 11 Mathematics Guide

The grade 11 maths curriculum is created by the National  Curriculum Statement (NCS) which highlights the expected outcomes for each subject per grade. This guide will provide students with an overview of what to expect in grade 11 mathematics


Grade 11 Maths Curriculum

The grade 11 maths curriculum should be familiar to students completing grade 10. The syllabus covers similar topics found in grade 10, however higher difficulty and more application should be expected. 

Grade 11 exponents and surds builds from previous grades. Student's are expected to learn and apply skills including rational exponents and surds, solving surd equations and applying exponentials. 

The second grade 11 maths topic covered is Equations and Inequalities. Equations refer to calculations made to prove that the values of two mathematical expressions are in fact equal, represented by the = symbol. 

Students will be expected to know how to complete a square, apply skills using quadratic formulae and solve word problems. 

Grade 11 equations and inequalities also includes substitution, finding the equation, nature of roots and quadratic inequalities

Grade 11 number patters includes skills to investigate number patterns, apply constant second difference between consecutive terms, complete quadratic sequences and the general term.

Student's in grade 11 will also have to interpret a pattern including problem solving, solve sequences and second differences as well as linear and quadratic patterns.

Analytical geometry refers to math skills to solve problems in geometric shapes and includes points, equations of lines and curves as well as planes and conic sections. 

Students will learn and solve problems for equations of a line, inclination of a line, parallel lines and lastly perpendicular lines.

Grade 11 functions includes skills for quadratic, hyperbolic and exponential functions, solving the average gradient and applying the sin, cos and tan function. 

Grade 11 trig is a important part of the syllabus. It includes knowledge and application of trigonometric identities, reduction forumla, equations, rules related to area, sine and cos.

Students in grade 11 mathematics will continue their studies of area. 

Studen't will learn and apply skills for area of a polygon, right prisms, right triangles and right pyramids. They will also learn right cones and spheres. 


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