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Maths Skills Suffer Post Lockdown

Maths Skills Suffer Post Lockdown

Will the maths and language syllabus change?

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The South African schooling system is under pressure following the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. As it stands, South African schools education ranks low amongst international competitors which was further harmed by the pandemic.

It is estimated that over the last two years student’s missed 155 days of school between 2020 and 2021. This has directly impacted the students, further dropping their average marks in Maths and language. 

Business Day stated that A study by the Western Cape educational department found that “the average grade 3 score fell from 59.5% to 50.7% between 2019 and 2021, while the average score for grade 6 fell from 55.7% to 47.3% and the average grade 9 score fell from 37.7% to 31.5%.” On top of this, the number of students who did not achieve 50% in these grades has increased which leads to lower overall grades and a direct indication of the educational burden our students face. 

The existing syllabus across the country is being questioned in order to help students and teachers to make up for the time they missed and correct the drop in educational standards. 

Read the full article by the Business Day here


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