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Grade 12 Maths introduction

Grade 12 Mathematics can be daunting for student’s as there is a lot of pressure to perform well. Additionally time is limited with Grade 12 Math prelims and finals only months away from each other. 

Learn2 was developed by experts in education with the student in mind. Therefore the platform caters to every grade 12 Maths student. Most importantly students can use Learn2 in conjunction with their current CAPS and IEB syllabus which certainly makes Learn2 a students best friend.

How to use Learn2

Using Learn2, students can catch up or revise Math lessons online. Once students have learnt a lesson they can practice their Grade 12 Math skills through pre-made tests covered on every single maths topic. Secondly the platform will provide each individual student with personalised reports. These reports provide detailed insights into which Maths topics students are struggling with, after which the system will auto-generate recommended lessons and tests to improve these weaknesses 

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Grade 12 Math lessons

  • Number patterns, including arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Sigma notation
  • Derivation and application of the formulae for the sum of arithmetic and geometric series
  • Derivation and application of the formulae for the sum of arithmetic and geometric series
  • Geometric sequences

  • Definition of a function
  • Inverse of a function
  • Determine and sketch graphs of the inverses of functions
  • Domain and range, intercepts, turning points, minima, maxima, asymptotes, shape and symmetry
  • Gradient between two points
  • Polynomials
  • Exponential and logarithmic

  • Solve problems involving present value and future value annuities
  • Use of logarithms to calculate the value of n
  • Analysing investment and loan options, making informed decisions as to the best option
  • Compounding periods

  • Compound and Double angle identities
  • Solve problems in two and three dimensions
  • grade 12 trigonometry
  • Solve problems using trig rules from grade 11 and grade 12

  • Limits
  • Define the derivative  function and understand gradient of tangent
  • Using the definition (first principle), find the derivative
  • Use formulas with rules to find the derivative
  • Find equations of tangents to graphs
  • Introduce the second derivative and how it determines the concavity of a function
  • Graph sketching and interpretation
  • Sketch graphs of cubic polynomial functions
  • Practical problems with optimisation and rate of change and calculus of motion

  • Define circles and radius
  • Determine the equation of a tangent to a given circle
  • Solve analytical geometry problems
  • Euclidean geometry
  • Conditions for polygons to be similar 
  • Triangles (with sides in proportion are similar and equiangular triangles are similar)
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Solve riders involving similar triangles
  • Solve riders involving all theorems from grade 11 to grade 12

  • Identifying types of skewness
  • Box-and-whisker diagrams
  • Histograms, mean, median and mode
  • Standard deviation
  • Draw and interpret scatter plots
  • Regression
  • Identify outliers

  • Dependent and independent events
  • Product rule for independent events
  • Sum and complementary rule for mutually exclusive events
  • Sum rule for mutually exclusive events
  • Identity rules 
  • Complementary rule
  • Venn diagrams, trees, contingency tables, fundamental counting principles
  • Apply the counting principle to solve probability problems
  • Solve probability problems using all the probability rules
  • Probability theory revision

  • Equations and inequalities (Grade 11)
  • Finance, growth and decay (grade 11)
  • Exponents and surds (grade 11)
  • Number patterns (grade 11) 

  • Revision of the entire grade 11 curriculum

  • Excel in maths by practicing key building block skills
  • Bonus content is part of the Grade 12 math's content
  • Practice your skills on key skills: fractions, integers, number lines, algebraic equations, Cartesian plane and so much more

Why choose Learn2?

Learn anytime, anyplace

Grade 12 Maths students can learn on the go which reduces barriers to learning inside the classroom

Personalised Lessons

As student’s progress in their maths lessons the platform will start recommending lessons and tests to improve maths skills

Unlimited Math Worksheets

This software comes fully equipped with over 10,000 Grade 12 maths worksheet options. Tests can be created on any Maths topic for consistent practice

Progress Reporting

Monitor your student or child as they progress through the Grade 12 Maths syllabus. Understand where they are performing well and what maths topic they need to focus on more. 


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