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Grade 11 Maths introduction

Our Maths software has been developed by experts in education to help you excel in Maths and problem solving. Study maths online at your own pace while you watch or read maths lessons covering all topics in the CAPS curriculum.

Learn2 uses state of the art software assesses your knowledge and understanding of all Grade 11 Maths skills. Once your skills have been assessed, our innovative software provides you with a personalised learning journey with recommendations on skills that will take your grades to the next level.

Use Learn2 to solve for x using exponents and surds, grasp your understanding of number patterns and improve your skills in probability. 

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Grade 11 Maths lessons

  • Simplify expressions
  • Solve equations using laws of exponents for rational exponents
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide simple surds
  • Solve simple equations involving surds

  • Complete the sqaure
  • Solve quadratic equations by factorisation and using the quadratic formula
  • Quadratic inequalities in one unknown 
  • Equations in two unknowns (linear and quadratic)
  • Nature of roots

  • Investigate number patterns
  • Constant second difference between consecutive terms 
  • Quadratic sequences
  • General term
  • Interpreting a pattern including problem solving
  • Sequences and second differences
  • Linear and quadratic patterns

  • Derive and apply equations of a line through two given points
  • Derive and apply equations of a line through one point and parallel or perpendicular to a given line
  • Derive and apply inclination of a line 
  • Summary of analytical geometry
  • Analytical geometry examples
  • Tips to prove things

  • The effect of a,q and p on graphs
  • Average gradient between two points
  • Plotting on basic graphs 
  • Investigate the effect of k on graphs 
  • Investigate the effect of p on graphs 
  • Draw sketch graphs
  • Domain and range
  • Graph interpretation

  • Derive and use identities tan = sinθ/cosθ 
  • Derive and use reduction formulae to simplify expressions
  • Derive and use reduction formulae to simplify expressions
  • General solutions of trigonometric equations and determining the value for which an identity holds
  • Prove and apply the sine, cosine and area rules and solve problems in two dimensions
  • Solve problems in two dimensions using the sine, cosine and area rules

  • Revision of grade 10 work

  • Using theorems to solve riders
  • The line drawn from the centre of a circle perpendicular to a chord bisects the chord
  • The perpendicular bisector of a chord
  • The angle subtended by an arc at the centre of a circle is double the size of the angle subtended by the same arc at the circle
  • The opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral are supplementary
  • Two tangents drawn to a circle from the same point outside the circle are equal in length
  • Summary of theorems, converses and corollaries
  • Tips for solving riders
  • Application of tangent theorems
  • Application of cyclic quadrilateral theorems
  • Application of circle theorems
  • Subtended angles and cyclic quadrilaterals

  • Simple and compound decay
  • The effect of different periods of compound growth and decay, including nominal and effective interest rates

  • Addition rule
  • Complementary rule
  • Identity rule
  • Identify dependent and independent events
  • Use of Venn diagrams to solve probability problems
  • Use tree diagrams for probability of consecutive or simultaneous events
  • Solve probability problems using probability rules
  • Stem and leaf displays
  • Mutually exclusive events
  • Mixed probability examples

  • Histograms and frequency polygons
  • Ogives (cumulative frequency curves)
  • Variance and standard deviation of ungrouped data
  • Symmetric and skewed data
  • Identification of outliers
  • Standard deviation with grouped data

  • Revision of the entire grade 10 curriculum


  • Excel in maths by practicing key building block skills
  • Bonus content is part of the Grade 11 math's content
  • Practice your skills on key skills: fractions, integers, number lines, algebraic equations, Cartesian plane and so much more

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This software comes fully equipped with over 10,000 Grade 11 maths worksheet options. Tests can be created on any Maths topic for consistent practice

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Monitor your student or child as they progress through the Grade 11 Maths syllabus. Understand where they are performing well and what maths topic they need to focus on more. 


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