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About us

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Our mission

David Modlin developed Learn2 to ensure that no one is left behind by delivering the most innovative diagnostic educational platform that can be used anywhere, anytime

Why choose Learn2?

It’s impossible to teach or learn unless you know what you don’t know. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our founder, David Modlin has been actively involved in education for more than 36 years and has been collating data from students and schools from around the globe to develop the most powerful educational software.

This experience has provided a profound understanding of the way in which individuals process information and the solution that has been created provides the granularity needed to deliver empowering diagnostic teaching and learning.

Learn2 is more than just an education platform; it provides a tool that will help you shape your future in education by closing your gaps in knowledge.

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Who can use Learn2?

  • Students

    Struggling to keep up in class? Can't seem to get the mark you worked so hard for? Maybe you want to some extra practice questions to test yourself? Learn2 is your all in one solution. Watch easy to digest video's or follow the guided content at your own pace. Take the assessments, identify your foundational weaknesses & let the system provide you with personalised lessons and questions with guaranteed results.

  • Teachers

    Teachers love Learn2's ability to create and share from a selection of thousands of tests which can be created in minutes. After you create a test or assignment, simply publish it to your students directly and stay on top of their performance through the interactive dashboard which provides detailed insights and progress reports.

  • Parents

    Learn2 allows parents to have full transparency over their children’s progress through easy to understand dashboards and real-time activity tracking. You can create tests, review progress and receive updates on how your child is performing. Say goodbye to frustrations with homework and hello to the new world of teaching and monitoring your children’s mathematics progress and performance.

  • Schools

    Supporting students and teachers has never been easier. Learn2 empowers students using innovative diagnostics that identify gaps in knowledge and then target students weakest areas with tailored lessons and assessments. Teachers have the ability to create tests in minutes with automated marking and submission dates saving teachers time to focus on helping your students excel.

David Modlin

David modlin photo
The Prodigy

At just 16 years old David Modlin wrote his first physical science textbook that went onto sell hundreds of thousands of copies  Soon After, David began giving extra lessons which attracted the attention of thousands of students

Breaking Boundaries

While at University, David founded Channel Campus, the first South African company to create educational videos that covered the entire spectrum of commerce. 

The Learning Channel 

The iconic Learning Channel was created & It was and is the most revolutionary and unique educational television channel in South Africa and the world 

Off We Grow

TLC was a live educational TV channel in which school curricula was taught in real time for free by the best instructors in the country  TLC helped thousands of South African students excel in school. 

Beyond Borders 

David capitalized on the growth of the internet when he again founded one of the UK's top educational offerings and is now used extensively by schools, parents, and institutions around the UK

A Teachers Pet

Teachers spend too much time creating and marketing tests instead of teaching.  The Question Generator is born which creates a relevant & reliable test In less than 5 minutes with reporting

Defining Education 

Innovative dictionaries are developed across multiple subjects that feature:  -The definition of the word  -Images of the word  -Examples of how the word is used -Other words that are associated with the headword 

App-Solutely Incredible 

​Learn2 mobile app is developed with unique AI diagnostics based on Adaptive Learning which provides each student with personalised lessons and assessments


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