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Learn2 covers the entire CAPS and IEB curriculum for Maths grades 1–12 and Physical Science Grades 10-12. 

Our comprehensive solution will teach you every skill necessary to excel in Maths and Physical Science.

Foundation Mathematics

Develop your child’s foundation in Maths with interactive lessons that will teach kids:

  • Different kinds of numbers
  • How numbers relate
  • The ability to recognise and describe patterns and shapes as well as measurement and data handling

Our foundation level of Maths will deliver true mathematical confidence.

Intermediate Mathematics

Expand on foundation math skills through deeper learning of:

  • Numbers, operations, and relationships;
  • Patterns, functions, and algebra;
  • Geometry,  measurement, and data handling.

In addition students will see improved multiplication and sharper skills in geometry. Above this students will and learn to measure angles, area, perimeter, and volume.

Likewise they will gain hands-on knowledge in data handling, analysis, and interpretation using real-life scenariosP

Senior Mathematics

From grade 7 to grade 9 students will master the ability to solve a variety of problems involving an increased range of numbers; in addition develop effective manipulative skills in algebra and lastly draw geometric figures and solve geometric problems.

Students will use formulae to measure the area, perimeter, surface area, and volume of geometric shapes and solve problems with the Pythagorean theorem.

Meanwhile students will enhance their skills in collecting, analysing, and reporting data to draw conclusions with the inclusion of probability to predict outcomes.

FET Mathematics

Exam preparation for grade 10-12 is at your fingertips with Learn2. For example you can create your own tests for any Maths topics. 

In addition watch bite-sized video lessons on any Maths topic so you are never left behind.

Learn2 will pick up on weak areas and target the necessary skills to exceed any test or assignment.

FET Physical Science

Build confidence with scientific investigations by truly grasping a conceptual understanding of science, creative thought and systematically testing ideas.

Physical Science skills include interpreting and applying scientific, technological, and environmental knowledge progressively through deep learning that drives the ability to understand environmental and societal issues.

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